About us


The Brand

- We are made for each other -

ZAND-EROVER designs eco-friendly leather bags, accessories and rugs inspired by the graphic forms and hues of nature. We are an Amsterdam based label with minimalist leather designs, which will leave you surprised by their details. Our collection consists of products varying from backpacks to purses. And we just added a collection of leather rugs too!

What’s in it for you? Beautiful, durable, strong products, which you can wear everyday, everywhere. This is our core belief: To make slow fashion, and create timeless leather bags and (interior) accessories which you can treasure for years to come, not just for one season.

Zand-erover was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2014 by Dutch designer Sandy Visser. Her love for nature and design reflects the surprising and minimal designs.
Together with her sister Shelly they form the heart of the brand.


‘Zand-erover’ is a Dutch saying, which literally translates as ‘Sand over it’ in English.

It stands for an attitude of forgiving and forgetting. New beginnings, and clearing the air. This is a philosophy that we try to follow. We chose it to represent our brand because it gives a hint to the minimal and down to earth designs that we make.

Also, the Dutch word ‘zand’ means ‘sand’ which is the building block of everything and it is also referring to nature reflected in our designs.