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Inspired by nature

Zand-erover translates the forms of nature into minimalist leather design.

Made for you

Zand-erover designs eco-friendly leather bags and accessories inspired by the graphic forms and hues of nature. This inspiration gives an extra dimension to our outstanding and minimal designs. All items are handmade in order to create a unique, tailor-made product. The brand believes in slow fashion. Therefore all of our products are strong, waterproof, long lasting and liked to be used for years, instead of one season. Over time the products adapt to your life by its contemporary design and the ability of leather to live and change when used.

All products are designed and developed in the Netherlands. For material and production we get a little help of Italy and Poland. This way the production stays within Europe and minimizes transport and fuel. Zand-erover is 100% fairtrade, but that goes without saying.

Loving nature

We are an eco-friendly brand and we try to be kind to nature in every way. All materials are carefully selected on a sustainable origin. We see leather as one of nature’s most beautiful and durable products: it lasts more than a lifetime and is therefore sustainable. The finest Italian leather is tanned with as less water and energy as possible to minimize the impact on environment.

So far there hasn’t been found a more eco-friendly (or even vegan) alternative for leather on the market that suit the demands of Zand-erover regarding high quality and lasting products. However, we are very eager to find new solutions to improve its products and the world around.